About The McSweeney Group

The McSweeney Group is one of the leading Talent Recruitment firms in the country for the Commercial Interiors, Construction, Architecture & Design and Consumer Packaging Industries. Our specific area of expertise and ability to continually adapt to the unique needs of our clients allows us to provide focused and individualized service.

We place high caliber candidates ranging from President, Vice President, General Manager, Sales Manager, Territory manager and Marketing segment managers in every market segment.

Our commitment is to find and present to you the best talent available. In the spirit of partnership and in order to do that most effectively we offer the following suggestions:

Developing a Successful Recruiting Process

  1. Know Your Needs

    Be clear on what you are looking for in a candidate; make sure all parties agree on what is needed.

  2. Have a Hiring Plan

    Have a well-defined hiring plan before you get the first candidate.

  3. Be ready to Hire

    Be prepared to hire. While average talent may wait for you to make a decision - top talent will not.

The Team with the Best Players Win.

Nobody knows the employment marketplace of our industry better than a professional recruiter. Your In-house hiring managers, no matter how effective, view the marketplace through tunnel vision is a frequent occupational hazard. You benefit from an established industry partner like us by:

  • Established relationships with top candidates
  • Our singular focus on your individual hiring needs
  • We know candidate 'fit' is just as important as skills.
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