Our Process

Our Recrutment Process

We understand our client's talent needs are more critical than ever. You need "Game Changers" employees that can make a difference and impact the bottom line immediately. The market is flooded with applicants, retreads and masses of good but not always outstanding talent. We understand the challenges for talent and this helps ensure that we continue to cultivate and nurture relationships with the right and often hidden, key talent in our industry. We stay informed on key developments and products and challenges in our industry and are ready to answer our client's needs.

As a leading provider of talent we understand that your Jobs are not slots and picking the right candidates is more than who has the best resume. By engaging with our clients and candidates directly at trade shows and industry functions, we create connections that make the difference. It is important to note that because we do take the time to understand our client's business strategy and culture, we know the skills as well as the intangibles that a position will require. We worked hard to develop our relationships and our trusted position as the talent provider of choice with selected companies in the select industries within our focus.

Our Search Process

Discovery Phase

Initially on each search we conduct client meetings in-person or by phone to develop a thorough understanding of the needs. Clarity on what is required is essential at this point. We then assess the challenges for the search, agree on a successful search strategy, craft a position profile, and set key target dates. Assemble the sourcing team to immediately gather information on your company, competitors, and overall market conditions.

Candidate Development

We believe it is our responsibility to present candidates who are not only qualified per your specifications, but also serious about making a career change. In other words, we do our best to ensure that you can actually hire the individuals you want, thereby saving you valuable time and money. In developing our prospective list of candidates we will Identify target corporations who employ similar candidates as well as reach out to our network of professional resource. We will conduct initial screening interviewing with prospective candidates then compile a comprehensive candidate summary on each finalist including salary history, personality traits and desired career path.

Candidate Presentation

Our final group of candidates is determined after conducting in-depth personal interviews and evaluating for "fit" in company culture, meeting "Must Have" essentials and having an active interest in continuing the discussions. We will send over the full package to your hiring manager, schedule interviews and help facilitate logistics including travel and hotel arrangements. We conduct debriefing calls with hiring managers and candidates. We provide feedback to the client and the candidate concerning post-interview thoughts and impressions. Generally we will continue to recruit during this phase to develop a list of alternate candidates.


We will work with the hiring authority on the selection of final candidate. Provide client with recommendations on compensation structuring, offer presentation and negotiation strategies. Once a final candidate has been selected, we serve as an intermediary between the client and candidate to ensure a successful conclusion to the search. Document each phase of project and create an effective base for serving the client in the future.

Game Changers

Having the Right Talent Changes the Game.
We believe that a company is only as successful as its people. Our close relationships and insider knowledge of our industry helps ensure that we recruit the very best talent for our clients. We continually and discreetly build relationships with top talent and key associates. Our pool of candidates are some of the best in their field.

Veterans of the Interior Furnishings Industry
We are staffed entirely by professionals with lengthy careers in interior furnishings. We have associated with clients throughout North America and gained in-depth knowledge of how our current business climate affects this industry. We appreciate what it takes to seek new employment and/or embark on a different career path in this divergent market.
We offer you a team of experts
You have full access to our knowledgeable staff of people who take true pride in helping others work through the outplacement process. Our unparalleled team has over 246 years of combined experience in interior furnishings. We understand the nuances unique to this dynamic industry.
We are committed to your success
We are founded with the goal of helping companies reach new levels of success. Our professional services target the needs of our clients and focus on the acquisition of great talent as well as improving your strategic hiring procvess.

Why use a search firm?

Nobody knows the employment marketplace of our industry better than a professional recruiter. Your In-house hiring managers, no matter how effective, view the marketplace through tunnel vision is a frequent occupational hazard. Contrary to what some believe, we recruiters don’t try to put square pegs into round holes. Our basic commodity is our integrity and reputation for finding someone better than a company could have found for themselves. Rarely are we working from stacks of resumes or applicants. Generally we are working from a list of names and contacts often of a hundred or more possibilities. Each must be called and evaluated against the position specifications as well as the personality “fit” with the company and the people with whom they will ultimately work. Once this is winnowed down to the “short list” an even more intensive interviewing process begins to narrow the search to a panel of finalists for review by the client. Because we want to do business with you again and again, we are looking for the “truly exceptional” rather than the “just satisfactory” so often settled for by in-house hiring efforts.
Impartial and Honest Feedback
We occasionally recognize and have a duty to inform our clients that there may be a problem as to the type of person sought, salary needed to attract them or the possibilities that the solution might just lie in areas outside the normal talent pool. Too often hiring managers fail to understand that our primary function is not necessary to fill a slot but to provide the right candidate to help solve a problem or fulfill a need. The normal tactics used by the internal process of advertising or otherwise publicly announcing an opening, aside from its cost and demonstrated ineffectiveness for attracting the best talent (who aren't looking at ads on your career site), often alerts competitors to a current weakness or void within the company.
Find hidden talent
We are natural networkers; we are in the marketplace every day. We know who's open for a change and where the real talent is hiding. The job-hunter bookshelves are filled with lore about the “hidden job market.” The same holds true for professional recruiters who have a detailed road map to the hidden talent sources which will never be accessed by newspaper ads, alumni associations, applicant databases, the Internet or any of the other more familiar sources of people. Yes, there are occasional pearls and successes through these sources but you have to be willing to dig through many empty shells to find those pearls.
Save time and money
The recruiting process is always faster through a search professional who is continually tapped into the talent marketplace than one having to start the process from scratch. For every day that a key opening remains unfilled, a company’s other employees must grudgingly do double duty. And this does not factor in the sales opportunities or competitive advantages lost because that position remains unfilled. Post-Hire Downtime - Not only is speed an essential part of the professional recruiter’s process, the ability to locate a person who can immediately “hit the ground running” with a minimum of “ramp-up time” saves time after the hire. All too often, a hire selected through less effective sources offering a smaller talent pool requires several months of expensive training and orientation. Our goal is for our candidates to add profit to your organization as soon as possible.