Outplacement Services

Career Transition Guidance

Anyone, whose job is affected by reduction-in-force, deserves personalized transition support. Our outplacement services includes dedicated one-on-one professional branding services such as resume writing & Linkedin  Profile Development. The standard service package also includes curated job matching as well as career coaching.

Typically this service is offered by employers to outgoing associates during reduct ion in workforce  periods. When possible we do also provide ala carte versions of the services to select candidates who wish to engage us on there own.  At a miniumum our service offering generally includes the following:

  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Curated Job Matching
  • Personal Branding and Linkedin Profile Creation.
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Professional Career Coaching
  • Private Access Facebook Group  for Job Seekers
  • Premium Access to Private Industry Jobs on McSweeney Group

Why offer outplacement to your departing employees?

It's the right thing...

Looking after departing employees has a profound effect on those who stay with your company – they will see how you support those leaving and this boosts morale in challenging times. Outplacement means your departing employees are more likely to have a positive view of you and share this with your customers and competitors.

Offering Outplacement services is a smart, relatively inexpensive means of ensuring your organizations positive reputation as an employment brand.

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