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We know the people you want to hire.

We understand our client's talent needs are more critical than ever. You need "Game Changers" employees that can make a difference and impact the bottom line immediately. The market is flooded with applicants, retreads and masses of good but not always outstanding talent. We understand the challenges for talent and this helps ensure that we continue to cultivate and nurture relationships with the right and often hidden, key talent in our industry. We stay informed on key developments and products and challenges in our industry and are ready to answer our client's needs.

As a leading provider of talent, we understand that your Jobs are not slots and picking the right candidates is more than who has the best resume. By engaging with our clients and candidates directly at trade shows and industry functions, we create connections that make the difference. It is important to note that because we do take the time to understand our client's business strategy and culture, we know the skills as well as the intangibles that a position will require. We worked hard to develop our relationships and our trusted position as the talent provider of choice with selected companies in the select industries within our focus.

Our recruiting advantage.

Having the Right Talent Changes the Game
We believe that a company is only as successful as its people. Our close relationships and insider knowledge of our industry helps ensure that we recruit the very best talent for our clients. We continually and discreetly build relationships with top talent and key associates. Our pool of candidates is some of the best in their field.
Veterans of the Interior Furnishings Industry
We are staffed entirely by professionals with lengthy careers in interior furnishings. We have associated with clients throughout North America and gained in-depth knowledge of how our current business climate affects this industry. We appreciate what it takes to seek new employment and/or embark on a different career path in this divergent market.
We offer you a team of experts
You have full access to our knowledgeable staff of people who take true pride in helping others work through the outplacement process. Our unparalleled career coaches have 46 years of combined experience in interior furnishings. We understand the nuances unique to this dynamic market segment.
We provide networking opportunities and group synergy
Our group workshops facilitated by experts, provide the perfect opportunity to network nationwide with other interior furnishings professionals and/or executives.
Economic means to offer transition services
Because we are a boutique organization, we offer our clients exceptional service with competitive pricing structures. We tailor our dynamic programs to meet your needs without forgetting that our services need to be affordable.

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